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Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Separator          Eddy Current Separator


For the separation of non-ferrous metals, Eldan incorporates two Eddy Current Separators at different stages in the line. The first machine is responsible for separating the non-ferrous metals from the heavy mixed metal fraction.

After further size reduction in the Multi Purpose Rasper, the second Eddy Current Separator separates the non-ferrous metals from the light metal fraction.





The Eddy Current System consists of the following:

  • A Vibrating Feeder responsible for detaching the material, spreading it evenly over
        the surface of the feeder, and feeding the material to the Non-Ferrous Separator.

        Drive motor for vibrating feeder: 2 x 0,8 kW

  • A Non-Ferrous Separator responsible for separating the metal particles in the mixed

        Feed speed: Approx. 0,3 m/sec

        Drive motor for magnet rotor: 4,0 kW

        Drive motor for belt conveyor: 1,5 kW


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