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Equipment for Municipal Waste Recycling

Optical Sorting Equipment


Automated sensor-based sorting systems providing you with the cost-effective, time-saving technology and flexibility you need for efficient and effective automated separation of paper, plastic, metals, glass, wood, e-Waste, and more.

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Disc Screens

Disc Screens provide the best separation in the industry for newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper and containers via patented disc screening technology. Our screens provide you with high throughput paired with low maintenance requirements with the most efficient screening technology for separating 2D and 3D materials.


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CPScreen TM


  • Separates small fibers from containers, 2D and 3D material.
  • Small screen openings decrease loss of fiber to container line, recovering even the smallest pieces of fiber.


NEWScreen TM


  • Separates large fiber from mixed paper, containers, debris, as well as 2D and 3D
  • Patented ruber finger discs accurately size material for increased recvery rate
  • Lower disc cost per ton of material
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OCCScreen TM

  • Effectively separates old corrugated from other mixed fibre, containers and debris
  • Aggressive steel discs separate both by size and rigidity
  • Discs especially engineered to have consistent spacing at all points to avoid jamming
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Glass Breaker Screen TM

  • Steel alloy discs break and separate glass as well as fines
  • Longest lasting discs in the industry
  • Low operating cost and reduced wrapping
  • Small opening minimizes loss of aluminium and PET

Bag Openers

Bagged MSW or other material is separated by a set of sizing grizzly arms that allow 8” or smaller material to bypass the drum and fall to a transfer conveyor. The bagged material is then opened by the steel knives affixed to the rotating drum. Material is separated from the bag by a series of crowder arms, and then discharged to a single conveyor below. Both the grizzly and crowder arms rest against adjustable force air springs to allow the arm to rotate away from the drum in the event of a solid or resistive object. This minimizes wear and maintenance. 


     Feature and benefits of using the CP Bag opener 

  • Up to 30 TPH
  • Air spring system to allow passage of resistive objects
  • Grizzly arms allow smaller items to by-pass drum
  • Two doors to allow easy maintenance access
  • Steel drum knives can be repositioned 4 times before replacing
  • Crowder arms have a straight and curved profile and may be adjusted via Touch Screen
  • 20HP motor

Glass Cleaner


  • Efficiently separates lights from glass
  • Urethane wear liners increase durability
  • Adjustable vacuum system for best accuracy

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