Alligator Shear

     Alligator Shear       Alligator Shear


The Alligator Shear M10 is designed to cut metal bars and rods, light and heavy electrical cables, coils and bundles of insulated and non-insulated  wires. It can also process other types of items and scrap from bare metals or mixed with plastic.

The Alligator Shear M10 is well suited as an individual scrap-cutting unit or for use as a Pre-Shear. The pre-cutting function is often performed as the first step in the separation of electrical cables and insulated wires and this is the case in the Underground Cable Recycling Line.




Dimensions 1720 x 1020 x 1460 mm (length x width x height)
Weight 950 kg (excluding hydraulic oil)
Length of knives 250 mm (turnable, 4 cutting edges)
Maximum gap opening 160 / 50 (adjustable)
Electrical power* 7,5 kW / 60 Hz, 11 kW / 50 Hz
Hydraulic oil 170 litres



* Voltage and frequency to be informed with order


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