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Main Components - Aluminium Recycling Line


To achieve the required type of end-product different standard recycling plants are available. The system offered by Eldan Recycling for processing of aluminium waste is modular and designed to process many different types of input material. Using the modular approach, a large number of combinations can be supplied to produce shreds, chips, granulate etc.The input material can be processed into fractions which are suitable for secondary aluminium, aluminium granules and aluminium drops for deoxidation purpose. 



Typical input material will be: soft and hard aluminium material, clean as well as contaminated material, sheets, blanks, profiles, litho, castings, turnings, foils, UBC’s, ”old rolled aluminium” and  many others.


The output material will be "a clean-cut al-material". The size of the output depends on the size of the plant - i.e. which machines it includes.

Plant only including Super Chopper.

The main fraction size is smaller than 100 mm. 10 % of the output material is oversize (i.e. larger than 100 mm and smaller than 300 mm).

Plant including Super Chopper and MPR.

The output size can be varied (according to your needs)  between 20 mm and 80 mm. 

Plant including Super Chopper, MPR and Granulator.

The output size can be varied (according to your needs) between 2 mm and 12 m. 

UBC Recycling System

UBC (used beverage cans) Recycling Systems are designed to clean the aluminium by separating it from magnetic and stainless steel as well as organic material. By downsizing the material and thereby increasing the density of the material transporting costs will be reduced. As an alternative to virgin aluminium production, the recycling of aluminium is a profitable business. Plants can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

The standard setup in an Eldan aluminium recycling plant includes a Super Chopper (1), a Tumble Back Feeder (2), a Multi Purpose Rasper (3), an Eddy Current Separator (4), a Heavy Granulator (7), a Fine Granulator (9) and a Separation Table (10).

Average capacities for the standard plants are:

Standard Aluminium Plant A: from 3.000 kg/hr* up to 12.000 kg/hr*
Standard Aluminium Plant C: from 3.000 kg/hr* up to 5.000 kg/hr*
Standard Aluminium Plant E: from 3.000 kg/hr* up to 5.000 kg/hr*

We can provide different standard plants with various capacities in order to suite your specific processing requirements.

* Please be informed that the stated maximum capacities will depend on several factors, such as type and size of input, and the requirements upon size and quality of the output. These capacities should be viewed as guideline information only.